About Addison Rehabilitation & Living Center

The Perfect Fit in Restorative Care

Before you even leave the hospital, our team of professionals have spoken with you, your doctor, your hospital discharge planner, your family, and have put together a plan of care, individually designed with the goal of returning you to your home.

After hospitalization, your physician may order additional rehabilitation services for you to have a successful recovery before safely returning home. Addison Rehabilitation and Living Center is the perfect fit in restorative care for this transition. Addison Rehabilitation and Living Center is a short-term, post-hospitalization, skilled nursing facility capable of providing comprehensive medical care.

Addison Rehabilitation and Living Center provides 24- hour nursing and personal care to meet your medical needs during your stay with us. Your stay may not be long, but during your time with us you will find a caring, knowledgeable team delivering care with empathy and respect all focused on returning you to your home.

Resident Testimonials

“I was very satisfied with the quality of food, therapy, nursing, accommodations and the customer service.”

Warren H. (2/22/2017)

“I improved here and was able to go home in three weeks.   I am glad I was recommended to go to this facility.  Thank you for your good care.”

Arthur B. (2/17/2012)

“What is needed are more facilities such as Addison Rehab. The staff, therapists all make the patient feel important – encourage you to get better and on with your life. Their caring is shown every day as they work and relate to the patients. I feel very fortunate to have rehab at this facility and recommend this facility as the best!”

Sharon S. (2/11/2017)

“This is my second time in a rehabilitation facility.  Addison Rehabilitation in Elgin exceeded my expectations. The comfortable room, excellent food, and quality of care from nurses, CNA’s, and therapists make Addison Rehabilitation in Elgin the only place I would choose to use. Addison Rehabilitation is exactly what this area needed.”

Diana B. (1/6/2017)

“My doctor recommended Addison Rehab.  Scared and reluctant I went.  I was pleasantly surprised to see what a beautiful place this was!  I immediately felt welcomed ans staff were so attentive and compassionate. That was day one on day 21 I feel the same way.  All the staff including nursing, kitchen, housekeeping, therapy and administration were helpful and sensitive to my needs.  I could not have asked for a better group of care takers and warm environment to recover in!”

Carol J. (12/01/2016)

“As a patient here at Addison my visit was a wonderful experience. The nursing staff and CNA’s around the clock are at your beck and call. They cannot do enough to make you comfortable. The food is outstanding. Presentation like a top restaurant. However, too much! My exercise was daily and helped me to recover faster. I learned some new things with PT, OT, and ST to bring home and practice. Of all the places I’ve been here they treated me like a king. Can’t say much more other then if I was to go back for rehab let it be here.”

James M. (10/17/2016)

“Mom arrived at Addison Rehab in Elgin broken spirited, not able to hold her head up, sit up, nor speak clearly.  With love, encouragement, and skills Addison Rehab gave her and her family, she regained hope and strength to walk again.   Your team meeting including her and her family made her feel important and showed her that her needs were important from the PT crew to the Chef. Your team was professional, loving, and listened to mom and with all that, your team and facility will forever be in our prayers.”

Edna V. Family (3/15/2017)

“Thank you so much for the outstanding care you have provided during Wilma’s stay here.  We have been more than pleased with every aspect of this two week experience.  I think what has been most appreciated is the abundance of smiles!”

Wilma G. Family

“I was very satisfied with the quality of nursing, the accommodations, and customer service.”

Margaret S. (4/5/2017)

“We were extremely pleased with Addison, the staff and the facility.  Everyone was very accommodating and we would recommend it to everyone.”

Jeannette V. Family (3/18/2017)

“I am going to be sorry to leave because of the people I have met and the staff who have treated me with respect, friendliness and kindness.”

Laurie C. (5/18/2017)

“I would like to say that this is one of the nicest facilities I have been in and would recommend this to anyone who needs help recovering from surgery of any kind.  Thanks again for being so helpful in my recovery!”

Sandra H. (5/20/2017)